What about you?

Getting to know God

We believe that God has created us to worship him and to enjoy him forever.

However, mankind does not thank, honour or obey him as we ought, but has offended him by preferring our own selfish ways. Consequently we have broken our relationship with him and are instead on course to face his judgement for our sins.

But his love for us is so great that he has sent his own Son, Jesus Christ, to die a sacrificial death for our sins. His death and resurrection offer us forgiveness, freedom from sin's power, and full reconciliation with God.

His Holy Spirit reveals to us our true state and draws us to repentance and faith in Jesus. He causes us to be born again into the family of God's people, filled with his divine power and called to inherit eternal life.

We believe that God is actively interested in your life, and that you too can enjoy a personal relationship with your Creator and Redeemer. He promises that if we seek him, we shall surely find him.

You can find out more about Jesus and the Christian faith at www.rejesus.co.uk